Why is Planet Fitness Hated?

Planet Fitness is a well-known fitness franchise that has experienced both remarkable success and significant criticism. While some individuals praise it for providing an accessible and affordable fitness experience, others harbor deep-seated animosity toward the brand. In this article, we delve into the multifaceted reasons why Planet Fitness has become the subject of such intense debate and explore the factors that contribute to its polarizing reputation.

The Rise of Planet Fitness – A Success Story

Understanding the Planet Fitness Concept Planet Fitness was founded in 1992, with a vision to make fitness accessible to everyone. The company adopted a unique business model focused on affordability and inclusivity, setting it apart from traditional fitness centers. By offering low-cost memberships and a no-judgment environment, they aimed to attract a broader audience, including first-time gym-goers and people who felt intimidated by conventional fitness clubs.

Why is Planet Fitness Hated?

At the core of the controversy lie several key factors that contribute to the animosity directed towards Planet Fitness:

1. Judgment-Free Zone with a Catch

Planet Fitness’s motto, the “Judgment-Free Zone,” aims to create an inclusive environment where people of all fitness levels can feel comfortable. However, this seemingly positive approach has been criticized for promoting mediocrity and complacency. By discouraging intense workouts and competitive attitudes, some argue that Planet Fitness inadvertently deters serious fitness enthusiasts.

2. The Lunk Alarm

One of the most notorious aspects of Planet Fitness is the “Lunk Alarm.” This alarm is triggered when someone grunts, drops weights, or exhibits behaviors perceived as overly aggressive. While it intends to maintain a non-intimidating atmosphere, the Lunk Alarm has been ridiculed by serious gym-goers who feel it penalizes genuine efforts to push physical limits.

3. Limited Free Weight Area

Planet Fitness emphasizes the use of machines over free weights, which can frustrate weightlifters seeking to engage in compound movements and functional training. The limited free weight area has been a significant point of contention, as many fitness enthusiasts believe free weights to be essential for well-rounded workouts.

4. The Pizza and Bagel Dilemma

In an unexpected move, Planet Fitness hosts “Pizza Nights” and offers bagels to its members. While intended as a fun gesture, these free food offerings have been criticized for undermining members’ fitness goals and promoting unhealthy habits.

5. The Planet Fitness Contract Predicament

Planet Fitness offers budget-friendly memberships, but ties members into long-term contracts. Canceling these contracts can be challenging, leading to frustration and negative reviews from dissatisfied customers.

6. Dress Code Restrictions

Planet Fitness enforces a strict dress code that bans certain clothing items, including tank tops and sleeveless shirts. While this policy aims to create a non-intimidating atmosphere, it has sparked debates about body shaming and inhibiting self-expression.

7. The Gym for Beginners?

Planet Fitness often markets itself as a gym for beginners, focusing on attracting individuals who have not previously engaged in fitness activities. While this approach has widened its customer base, it has also alienated experienced fitness enthusiasts seeking a more challenging environment.

8. Lack of Personal Training

Unlike many other fitness centers, Planet Fitness does not offer personal training services. This absence of personalized guidance has been criticized, especially for newcomers who may require assistance in developing proper workout routines and techniques.

9. Noiseless Cardio Zone

Planet Fitness designates a “Noiseless Cardio Zone,” where talking and socializing are discouraged. While intended to provide a peaceful workout space, some members feel that this policy hinders social interaction and camaraderie among gym-goers.

10. Competition with Other Gyms

Planet Fitness’s low membership fees have led to intense competition with other gyms, including smaller local establishments. This has sparked debates about the impact of budget fitness chains on smaller, community-oriented fitness centers.

FAQs about Planet Fitness Hate

Q: Does Planet Fitness really kick you out for grunting?

A: Planet Fitness is known for its “Lunk Alarm,” which may be activated if someone grunts loudly or exhibits behavior deemed too aggressive. While members may not be immediately kicked out, consistent violations of the gym’s etiquette could result in membership termination.

Q: Is Planet Fitness only for beginners?

A: While Planet Fitness markets itself as beginner-friendly, individuals of all fitness levels are welcome to join. However, serious athletes and experienced fitness enthusiasts may find the facilities and equipment limiting compared to more specialized gyms.

Q: Can you bring a guest to Planet Fitness for free?

A: Planet Fitness offers a Black Card membership that allows members to bring a guest for free. However, this benefit may vary depending on the specific location and membership type.

Q: Can you wear a sports bra at Planet Fitness?

A: Planet Fitness has a dress code that varies slightly from one location to another. While sports bras are generally allowed, specific rules regarding appropriate attire, including tank tops and sleeveless shirts, may apply.

Q: Can you deadlift at Planet Fitness?

A: Planet Fitness encourages the use of machines for strength training rather than free weights like deadlifting. While some locations may have Smith machines, traditional deadlifting is generally discouraged.

Q: Can you cancel a Planet Fitness membership anytime?

A: Cancelling a Planet Fitness membership can be a cumbersome process, especially for those under a long-term contract. Members are advised to read and understand the terms of their agreement before signing up.


Planet Fitness remains a fitness chain that elicits strong emotions from both its supporters and detractors. Its unique approach to creating a judgment-free and non-intimidating environment has drawn in a diverse clientele but has also resulted in criticism from those seeking a more intense workout experience. The combination of its marketing strategies, facilities, and business model has contributed to the divisive reputation Planet Fitness holds today.

In conclusion, while Planet Fitness caters effectively to its target audience, it may not be the ideal fit for everyone. As with any gym, choosing the right fitness center depends on individual preferences, fitness goals, and personal preferences.