Soursop Tea Benefits and Garviola Leaves Health Benefits

Platinum Soursop Tea benefits is an outstanding example of these nutritional supplements. It basically contains several dietary ingredients that are intended to improve the nutritional values of ordinary diets. Examples of these nutrients are Vitamins, minerals, some fat, and Carbohydrates. Its main purpose is to strengthen the natural defenses of your body. This supplement is derived from Graviola fruit and Graviola leaves, a naturally occurring tropical fruit that is endemic to South America.

Who made it?

The supplement is manufactured by Platinum Incorporated. The company was established in the year 2002. It is a trusted name in the fields of Health and Beauty. It is dedicated to the provision of safe and effective products which aid persons in supplementing their lives.

soursop benefits

How it is Used

Using this supplement is pretty simple. All that is required of you is to simply swallow the capsules and then drink water to ‘push’ the capsules right down your throat.

Features of Platinum Soursop Tea

Below are some of the key features of Platinum Soursop tea benefits:

  • Anti-flatulence

This supplement has high fiber content. It, therefore, aids in the digestion of food in the stomach. In light of this, it also prevents the attendant side effects of indigestion such as bloating, farting, and flatulence. It is particularly effective in preventing the accumulation of excess gas in the stomach due to its anti-flatulence nature.

  • Analgesic

It is also pretty effective in relieving pain from the muscles, joints, and other parts of the body. This is the supplement to settle for if you experience muscle cramps, frequent headaches, and joint pains.

  • Healing

Among its constituent ingredients are several natural healing properties. These are known to mitigate a range of health problems such as circulatory issues, respiratory tract infections, and cancer. It does so without necessarily subjecting you to the attendant side effects of chemicals.

  • Nutritious

This supplement contains several nutrients that are listed below. By taking this supplement consistently and frequently, you stand to derive a whole lot of Soursop tea benefits at a time. This also means that you stand to accrue higher returns to value for every purchase of the item.

  • Healthy

All the appropriate measures have been taken by the manufacturer to see to it that the supplement is as healthy as can be. Indeed the entire process from the harvesting of the Graviola to the formula and finally, to the packaging. You should thus anticipate nothing less than maximum satisfaction.

Why was Soursop tea created?

This tea is a dietary supplement. This means that it is mainly intended to enhance the supply of essential nutrients into the body. These include essential Vitamins (B1, B2, and C), Annonacin, and other essential minerals like Zinc, Calcium, and Magnesium. It aids the body by promoting healthy cell support, supporting the immune functions, and enabling a positive mood state, among others.

Ingredients of Soursop Tea (per 100 gm)

Below is a listing of the top ingredients of the Soursop tea benefits and their corresponding abundance in a standard 100 gm.

  • Calories – 66g
  • Total fat – 0.3 g
  • Saturated fat – 0.1 g
  • Polyunsaturated fat – 0.1 g
  • Monounsaturated fat – 0.1 g
  • Cholesterol – 0 mg
  • Sodium – 14 mg
  • Potassium – 278 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate – 17 g
  • Dietary fiber – 3.3 g
  • Sugar – 14 g
  • Vitamin A – 0%
  • Calcium – 1%
  • Vitamin D – 0%
  • Protein – 1 g
  • Vitamin B-12 – 0%
  • Vitamin C – 34%
  • Iron – 3%
  • Vitamin B-6 – 5%
  • Magnesium – 5%

Platinum Soursop Tea Benefits

  • Boosts Immune System

This is by far the most significant benefit of this nutritional supplement. It contains plenty of Iron, Vitamin B6, and Zinc. These minerals and nutrients are well known to boost the overall immune system of the body.

graviola tea benefits
graviola tea benefits
  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety

The supplement is also capable of relieving stress, mood swings, and anxiety. This is because it has anti-stress qualities that are well capable of balancing hormones in the body. This is the drug of choice in case you are consistently confronted with disturbing situations.

  • Enhances the Health of Cells

It does enhance the health of your cells. This is by reason of working naturally at your cellular and systemic levels rather than at the organ levels as is the case with most other supplements. It can repair some portions of the cells besides enhancing the functioning of the various cell activities.

  • Advances the Overall Health of your Body

Given that the cells as the functional and structural units of life, it follows that the intake of this supplement has the overall impact of advancing your health. This arises from the compounded impact of its working on your individual cells.

  • Treats Cancer

This supplement has been shown to cure some mild forms of cancer through laboratory studies. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation therapy, this supplement is natural. You are hence less likely to confront those issues and side effects that may naturally arise from the alternative means of treating cancer.

How does Soursop Actually work?

Platinum Soursop contains bioactive phytonutrients. These are compounds that are present in plants and are intended to mitigate pests, diseases, poisons, and other harmful substances that may affect plants.

They work naturally both at the cellular and the systemic levels of the body when ingested. They basically strengthen your body’s natural defenses. This way, they make it almost impossible for sicknesses, infections, and other health problems from afflicting you.

soursop benefits and side effectsOther than that, the supplement also contains several other nutrients. They too enhance your body’s nutritional value or composition. They, therefore, make you healthier, stronger, and more immune to any infections.


Most diets do not have the right nutrients to guard the body against attacks from the various agents of sicknesses. This leaves the body very vulnerable to such attacks and the attendant sicknesses that come along. Even though these sicknesses may be dealt with through the intakes of medicine and other therapy programs, they are better prevented altogether. This can only happen in case the right dietary nutrients are ingested into the bodily system.

You too may have been in the same problem. Your diet may be lacking any nutrients that are effective in getting rid of germs and fighting sicknesses. In order to combat this problem, you seriously need to see to it that you put in place effective preventive measures. There are various ways and means of so doing. These are altering your dietary intakes, cutting down the intakes of some nutrients, or taking in some dietary supplements.

The intake of dietary supplements is by far the most convenient and effective approach. A dietary supplement is basically an ingestible product that is designed to improve the nutritional supply. They are cheaper and more convenient than other options. They are thus less likely to inflict on you unnecessary costs but still yield the same degree of success or satisfaction.

Platinum Soursop Pricing

This supplement is sold in standard bottles that contain 30 capsules which in turn weight 1,000 mg each. The actual price varies depending on where exactly you opt to purchase it and how much quantity. Each bottle roughly costs between $23.97 and $26.63. Apart from that, it is accompanied by a 90-day money-back guarantee. This simply means that once you have bought it, you will be given 90 days to try it out. Should you feel dissatisfied, you are free to return the empty or partially used bottles for a full refund, provided that you do so within 90 days.

Even though you may acquire it from all the leading retail outlets, the manufacturer’s website remains by far the most outstanding point of its acquisition. Just follow this link: Buy Platinum Soursop to get started.

  • No Additives: This supplement is completely devoid of any artificial additives. As such, it is completely unlikely to inflict on you the side effects and other dangers that come along with such substances.
  • No Preservatives: Besides lacking artificial additives, it also lacks any artificial preservatives. This again is a hedge against all the attendant dangers and side effects of such artificial substances.
  • 100% Natural: All the constituent nutrients are derived from nature. This due to the fact that appropriate care has been taken to source only organic ingredients. Deliberate efforts have also been taken to exclude any GMOs in its constituent makeup.
  • Certified Production Technologies: The technologies that have been employed in making the supplement are all certified. These are the Good Manufacturing Compliance (GMP) and the Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP).
  • 100% Pure: It is also pure in the sense that the Graviola leaves that are subsequently used to make it are harvested during prime time. Expect it to be as healthy and reliable as pos
  • Lacks Some Essential Nutrients: The supplement does not have Vitamin A and Vitamin D. It is thus ineffective in mitigating health problems that are associated with the deficiencies of these nutrients such as poor eyesight and weak bones.
  • Limited Applicability: You may not use this supplement if you are pregnant, a nursing mother, a child below the age of 18, or a person who has a known medical condition such as cardiovascular disorders and hypotension.
  • Risks of Neurotoxicity: It does contain a fair amount of Annonacin. This is a neurotoxin i.e. a substance that is poisonous to the nervous system. Continued and prolonged use of the supplement is thus not advisable at all.

Summary of Platinum Soursop

This product indeed has several benefits, all of which cannot be completely enumerated. It can heal several sicknesses besides boosting the immune system considerably. I am a living testimony to this fact. I used to experience frequent bouts of sicknesses of various kinds, ranging from the immune system to the circulatory system, and finally to my respiratory system.

graviola leaves

Ever since I started taking this supplement, I have experienced fewer ailments or incidences of disease outbreaks. I have also not experienced any side effects that are ordinarily experienced whenever artificial supplements are taken. For instance, no bodily faculty of mine has been affected in any way.

You too are guaranteed the same benefits. You may also thus confidently place your bet on this supplement not to harm you or let you down in whichever shape or form. Why don’t you also consider giving it a try right away? I swear you will never live to regret that decision at all!


Needless to say, I am not the only person who has tried it out. There indeed are many other persons who have already tried it out. Below is a testimonial from one person who has tried it out. She is called Nicole Johnson:

“I am not financially well off. I am thus not able to afford good food that meets the minimum dietary thresholds of high hygiene, organic composition, and is chemical-free, among others. In order to cater to the shortfall, I had to look elsewhere because I had already started feeling the pinch as the result of those deficiencies. This is when I turned to the Platinum Soursop. I have taken it consistently for the last month now. The results have been amazing! My health has dramatically improved. My resistance towards sicknesses has also improved considerably!”

This is a clear indication that you too may count on this supplement not to disappoint you at all!


As has been stated previously, this supplement may only be taken by adults aged 18 years old and above. Such a person only needs to take two capsules at a time and then drink water thereafter. These capsules are to be taken only once a day. Since there are 30 capsules per container, it follows that a complete dosage lasts around 15 days.

Side Effects

This supplement has only one serious potential side effect. This is the risk of Neurotoxicity. This is a disorder that is brought about by harmful substances that invade and compromise the nervous system. It is mainly the result of the continued and prolonged intake of the supplement. To avoid it, you are advised to take the supplement in moderation.


The following are some of the dos and don’ts of buying this product:

  • Do not acquire this supplement from any other source than the manufacturer website or a reputable online auction site such as Amazon or eBay. This is because such products are ordinarily sensitive and hence, any oversight in their acquisition may often bring along adverse side effects.
  • Beware of imitations and counterfeits. These are products of similar nature that closely resemble this one but are far from being real. They may impose harm to you if you happen to ingest them.
  • Be sure to check the expiry date of the drug before accepting it. This is because expired drugs are generally poisonous and harmful to human health. You do not want to be inflicted with any such sicknesses or side effects.
  • Do not accept the consignments in case they have any damages, leaks, or perforations. Insist that you either be refunded or that a brand new consignment is shipped to you in the stead of the ones that have been delivered. This is to obviously shield you from unwelcome dangers.
  • Never hesitate to bargain if you can. You obviously want to be sure of the best-ever deal.
  • Finally, do not hesitate to take advantage of the money-back guarantee. This is especially if you find some discomfort or develop some allergic reactions while using the supplement.


Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the product and their corresponding answers or explanations.

Q1. What are the main ingredients of this supplement?

Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Zinc, Iron, and several Vitamins among others. It, however, lacks Vitamins A and D as well as Cholesterol

Q2. What are the specific sicknesses that this capsule may heal?

It may heal some strains of cancer, immune disorders, and respiratory illnesses.

Q3. How heavy is the standard capsule?

A standard capsule weighs a paltry 0.8 ounces.

Q4. In which country is it manufactured?

The supplement is primarily manufactured in the United States of America. There are production facilities elsewhere also such as Germany and Brazil.

Q5. How significant are its side effects (if any)?

The main, and by far the most significant side effect of this supplement is the risk of neurotoxicity discussed above.

Q6. I reside outside the United States of America. Can the product be shipped to my destination or address?

YES, it can! You must, however, order it from the manufacturer directly only. You will also have to pay for your own shipping separately.


This Platinum Soursop nutritional supplement may have its share of demerits or downsides, but it is for all practical purposes a worthy investment. It has several nutrients that jointly confer the benefits of a healthier body. Moreover, it also has the ability to prevent several sicknesses and health problems. This is against the backdrop of almost zero interference, side effects, and other attendant health issues. What’s more? It is cheaper, within the easy reaches of many a deserving person, and accompanied by a generous 90-day money-back guarantee!

In light of this, you cannot just afford to overlook it, especially if you are the kind of person who means well for his health. Why don’t you consider making a purchase as soon as it is practically possible? You will never go wrong at all. Do not hesitate to do so. This is because you may end up either paying more or receiving a poorer quality in return.

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